Little Miracles Along the Way

What came across quite clearly for me during this process is you won't necessarily find the big miracle; however, you may find a series of little miracles along the way,  and when she was born breathing well on her own and could suck and swallow, to now when she acts very much like a normal child, you're able to really appreciate those small blessings as they come and just sort of go with them."

 Of course Nicole and Alastair understand Grace's condition is life limiting and there will come a time when they'll lean on Noah's Children for more than biweekly home visits and check-ups. But for now they say, they're more than happy to be where they are. "When you find out something like this, you're at a place no one should be," Nicole says. "But this is what Noah's Children does every day-they help you appreciate what you've been given again, and to love and care for your baby for as long as you have them."