Kids Helping Kids Art Project

From its inception, Noah’s Children was inspired by and supported through the creativity and compassion of children.

In fact, Noah’s Children may not exist without the artistic talents of a kindergarten class that created the first piece of Noah’s Ark-themed artwork that Dr. Bob Archuleta, our founder, purchased. When Dr. Archuleta suggested making prints and using the funds to do something good in our community, those same kindergarteners urged the pediatrician to help sick and dying children.

Today, the tradition of kids’ artwork supporting children in need continues. Each year at our gala, we auction children’s artwork to support Noah’s Children. Hundreds of local children and their teachers have contributed to this labor of love.

By purchasing kids’ art at our annual gala, you continue to support children’s imaginations – and their sincere desire to care for children who are sick and dying.

For more about our history, click here. To see a video about our children's art project, click here.