"Noah's Children has built an astonishing relationship with our kids. They know exactly when and how to help, and that's such a relief."
—Fiona, Mother

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Fall 2015 Grief Education Workshops


"Dealing With Guilt After the Loss of a Child"

6:30-8:00pm    Tuesday, September 15  (Register by September 11)

"Dealing With Anger After the Loss of a Child"

6:30-8:00pm    Tuesday, October 20  (Register by October 16)

"Dealing With Grief During the Holidays: Practical Suggestions"

6:30-8:00pm    Tuesday, November 17  (Register by November 13)


These workshops will be held at the Bon Secours Bereavement Center 7229 Forest Ave. Highland II, Suite 108, Richmond, VA 23226 .


For more information or to register, please contact:

Beth Smith, MRE, Noah’s Children Grief Counselor at: 804-513-2523, or via email at Beth_Smith@bshsi.org