A Letter from Dr. Archuleta

Dear Colleagues,

Bob A. Archuleta, MD, FAAP, FAAHPM, Noah's Children Founder and Medical Director

Bob A. Archuleta, MD, FAAP, FAAHPM, Noah's Children Founder and Medical Director

For 15 years, Noah’s Children has provided leading-edge pediatric hospice and palliative care for Central Virginia’s infants, children and adolescents. One of the first pediatric hospice and palliative care programs in the country, Noah’s Children embodies a comprehensive range of supportive services that focus on the child’s and family’s medical, emotional, social, spiritual and practical needs.

Our mission is to provide an extra layer of supportive services to children and families who are living with the challenges of serious, chronic illness that are considered to be life-threatening or life-limiting. We provide services concurrently with disease-directed therapies that may be life-extending or curative efforts.

Noah’s Children provides this comprehensive palliative care to any infant, child or adolescent within a 60-mile radius of Central Virginia regardless of whether the child’s primary caregivers are based at Virginia Commonwealth University (MCV), Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) or Bon Secours. At this time, thanks in part to support from donors and the Bon Secours Richmond Health System, we are able to provide services free of charge.

While our patients are seriously ill with many different kinds of illnesses and are cared for by many health care providers, we welcome this multidisciplinary involvement and are always striving to work closely with all other providers through a collaborative effort.

One of our primary goals with each patient and family is to strengthen communication. We take a considerable amount of time to communicate with our children and families, with all involved health care providers, with schools, and with our community about palliative and hospice principles.

We invite you to speak with our interdisciplinary team about your patients in particular or about palliative care in general. We want you to be confident when referring a patient to Noah’s Children, knowing that he or she is in excellent, caring hands.

We appreciate the partnership we have with all of the health care systems in Central Virginia and so many referring physicians. We feel privileged to serve your patients and their families.

If you need us, we are here to provide quality palliative and hospice care for your seriously ill infant, child and adolescent patients with life-threatening and life-limiting illness. We even get involved during the perinatal period when a fetus is diagnosed with a lethal or potentially lethal condition.

Sincerely yours,

Bob A. Archuleta, MD, FAAP, FAAHPM

Founder & Medical Director, Noah’s Children