Spiritual Care

A family’s belief system endures the ultimate challenge when a child is seriously ill.

Living with a seriously ill child brings out the spiritual struggles and strengths of all involved – patients, family, friends and even the staff.  Sometimes organized religion is a strong part of a family’s support system, but just as often, it is not.

The image is one that I will never forget of priest, physician and patient gathered with family and friends. Amidst what some would call a hopeless situation … She was at peace, without pain, and we were with her. Our prayers, with the help of Noah’s Children, were answered.
— Parents of a 17-year-old Noah’s Children patient

The entire Noah’s team has a keen awareness of patients’ and their families’ spirituality – that connectedness to the transcendent and a sense of meaning for living. Our spiritual staff pays attention to what might be helpful or harmful to families based on their belief systems.

We are sensitive to and respectful of personal, cultural, and spiritual beliefs and practices.

Spiritual care services include:

  • Spiritual guidance and/or praying with the family
  • Connecting families to other spiritual care services (depending on their needs and desires)
  • Diverse printed materials for inspiration and retraining of changing beliefs
  • Consulting with a family’s clergy and parishioners
  • End-of-life planning
  • Grief and bereavement counseling
  • Assisting with funeral arrangements
  • Follow-up bereavement services for up to three years following the child’s death


For more information on the Spiritual Care services offered by Noah’s Children, please call (804).287.7686.