How is Noah's Children different?

In the traditional hospice care model, children are not referred until the very end stage of the illness, whereupon the child usually dies within a matter of hours or days.

Consequently, there is little time to prepare the patient or family for the emotional, spiritual and social aspects of the dying process or the death itself, and there is not the opportunity to provide supportive and practical support.

Noah’s Children’s approach is based on the palliative care model and starts early, and ideally from the time of diagnosis of a serious, life-threatening illness. This means that your child can continue to undergo concurrently provided curative treatments and still receive the support of the palliative care team.

Through an interdisciplinary team that includes physicians, nurses, social workers, spiritual care advisers and volunteers, and working with your child’s primary care physician, we closely assess the multiple needs and desires of your child and family to develop a comprehensive plan.

Noah’s Children addresses physical pain and symptoms, emotional and spiritual turmoil, and social and practical needs.