Clinical Care Coordination

At home or in the hospital, our interdisciplinary team will work to plan and coordinate an effective, safe and comfort-driven plan of care.

Our team’s behind-the-scenes work helps alleviate stress and includes:

  • Coordinating care among doctors, specialists and hospitals
  • Keeping the communication lines open and all parties updated
  • Instructing families on home-care issues
  • Working with insurance companies to obtain coverage for certain medications
  • Coordinating translation services
  • Coordination of the plan of care with the child’s school and attendance with the family at Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings
  • Attendance by nurses with patients and the parents, when necessary or desired, for sub-specialist or pediatric office visits for shared decision-making

For more information on how Noah’s Children can help coordinate your child’s care, please contact us at (804).287.7686.